Ep 11: The Cosplay Journal

February 20, 2019

Holly and Meg chat with Beverly about their second volume of The Cosplay Journal, a gorgeous and unique UK based cosplay magazine promoting the craft, skill and diversity in the cosplay community. In this episode we talk about SO many aspects of creating a publication focusing on cosplay including stories from the field, a sneak peek into the featured interview with Pegsicle Cosplay and much more!


Ep 10: Tina Rivets

February 11, 2019

Shining star Tina Rivets joins Beverly in this 10th episode of ShePropTalk! Tina shares her techniques for applying blood and gore latex makeup fx for her genderbend Two-Face and Edward Scissorhands costumes, cosplaying many versions of the (don’t call me) Ash from Evil Dead, Lady Killer, her viral Ash Wednesday Addams mashup, Gary’s mom and more!


Ep 9: Becka Noel

January 31, 2019

Becka Noel joins Beverly in this special episode of ShePropTalk! We chat about Pratt Institute, Cosplay Melee, patterning for McCall’s, working at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, patterning, original designs vs. replicas, pearly worbla and more!


Ep 8: Cowbutt Crunchies

January 24, 2019

The amazing and mega talented duo behind Cowbutt Crunchies join Beverly to chat about their costumes, cat charity, cosplay cocktails, and SO MUCH MORE. Are they the best humans ever? Find out in this episode! (Spoiler: the answer is YES)


Ep 7: Deela Designs

January 16, 2019

Deela Designs joins Beverly in the studio to talk about her incredible costumes and original designs. She shares tips on how to cover tattoos with makeup, cosplay burnout and more!


Ep 6: Sewing Tips with AbbyCat Cosplay

January 10, 2019

In this special episode, Abby joins Beverly again to talk about sewing stuff! Topics include: how to prevent your machine from eating your fabric, how often you should service your sewing machine, super useful sewing machine feet, tips for sewing slippery fabrics/bulky fabrics, scissors & rotary tools, and Abby's favorite patterning books!


Ep 5: AbbyCat Cosplay

December 31, 2018

AbbyCat Cosplay joins Beverly in her studio in a special show-and-tell episode! Abby shows us several of her costumes including her award-winning SteamPunk Wicked Witch, her famously evil Professor Umbridge, her “Bunbridge” bunny version of of Professor Umbridge, secrets for making a bunny suit, and shares many more of her sewing tips!


Ep 4: Alexandria the Geek

December 21, 2018

Alexandria The Geek joins Beverly to chat about her amazing Hippolyta (Wonder Woman) & Mercy (Overwatch) cosplay builds! She shares her tips for making spartan helmets, flowy capes, foam patterning, Mercy’s staff and more!

Topics: Hippolyta, Spartan Helmet, Capes, Mercy, Staff, Worbla, EVA Foam


Ep 3: JediManda

December 15, 2018

In this episode, master builder and creator JediManda joins Beverly to talk about her incredible Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel costumes. Amanda also shares many of her sewing and patterning tips for starting and complicated super suits! 


Ep 2: Dahlia Darling Cosplay

December 2, 2018

In this episode, Dahlia Darling Cosplay joins Beverly to talk about POC (people of color) within the cosplay community, body paint, cel shading, painting on vinyl, patterning and more!